Eco Tourism 05. The Area North of Valladolid in Spain. Tierra de Campos


Tierra de Campos, the ancient Gothic Plains of the Visigoths (Campi Gothici or Campi Gothorum), makes up an evocative landscape of wide horizons which transmits peace and serenity to visitors to enjoy in a place where time has no importance. It is an ideal district for those in search of relaxation with pleasant and out of the ordinary sensations. Its heritage, nature, gastronomy and traditions are recommendations for visiting, completed by an attractive museum offer as well as the interpretation centres.

The Tierra de Campos district in the province of Valladolid in Spain has a singular beauty of its own, dominated by the contrasts and intensity of the colours. To the north and north-east it borders with the province of León; to the south with the municipal area of Medina de Rioseco (Valladolid); to the east with the province of Palencia and to the west with the province of Zamora.

The territory is marked by small rural villages with an average number of inhabitants of 200 to 300. Villalón de Campos and Mayorga exceed this number of inhabitants with 2.000 and in Aguilar de Campos, Becilla de Valderaduey, Bolaños de Campos and La Unión de Campos the population is between 300 and 400 inhabitants. 14 villages have a population of fewer than 100 inhabitants. The average density is low and barely reaches 8 inhabitants/km2.

Tierra de Campos is characteristically made up of plains and farmland where cereal crops are grown and its economy is basically agricultural.

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